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Welcome :)

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:28 pm

Welcome one and all to The Leagues forums! I hope this to be the start of creating a sucessful network between our factions in order to better improve everyones position.

United we stand and divided we fall, so lets unite and work as a team, communication is key!

For those of you not in the know, im TornAlchemist, the new appointed "leader" of the league... id like to stress to everyone that this doenst mean anything, other than that ive taken the task and burden of attempting to unite everyone, on myself... nothing more... others are doing likewise to help us, and your invited to help too! This is our chance to shine and make torn city remember us, we wont leave anyone behind and we believe in helping everyone who helps themselves.

This forum is likely to be a very important aspect of our communications, its going to be highly inefficient for every message to be sent countless times when one united forum can spread the word for us! Here we have the chance to organise games, trades, business deals and investments... whatever your services may be which you wish to offer to our cause... (please dont abuse them, lets keep them well maintained)

Im going to require the assistance of active tc-ers to help me organise a few things for the alliance, im not sure what we are doing in general yet, so any goals or ideas (long or short term) that you have, please bring them up and lets discuss them and work out if we can make them a reality! Together we can do this, we have the resources and manpower of countless factions... the combined knowledge and skill of over 2800 players... so lets do something with it!

Thanks for your time everyone, and i hope this is the start of a new generation of tc war... a generation where we can invoke fear into the hearts of even the toughest of factions!



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